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Our practice is dedicated to providing a safe environment and we will continue to provide our essential service to patients within the guidelines of the Australian Government.  This includes patient consultations and procedures. 

To minimise contact, we will conduct phone consultations where suitable and face to face consultation. We will be contacting patients with existing appointments to clarify all information and ensure the process is clear. 

For GP’s we are continuing to service your patients in a safe environment. We ask that referrals have any recent pathology or radiology attached and emailed to us at or sent via Medical Objects so we can access quickly and review patient details off site if necessary. Please note - faxes will still be received.

We will continue to perform urgent procedures for patients in accordance with government regulation and support our Hospitals to ensure they are able to operate efficiently. We assure you we are working to create a safe environment for patients and operate appropriately during this time to ensure patients are monitored and provided a high quality Urological service. 

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