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Prostate biopsy

Transperineal biopsy of your prostate is a superior procedure especially if you have a lesion in a particular region (anterior) of your prostate, or if you have a larger prostate. It also has a lower rate of infection.


Using an ultrasound probe in your back passage, Dr Elmes takes samples of the prostate through the perineum (skin). This technique completely removes the risk of potentially life threatening infections that are quite common with older style biopsy techniques (Transrectal).


Dr Elmes utilises pre-operative MRI to enhance his ability to target even the smallest possible lesions thereby giving the most accurate and best chance of finding prostate cancer if present.



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The Artemis Device - Targeted Prostate Biopsy

Artemis is a device which allows biopsy site tracking with 3D ultrasound image and full colour model and fusion of real-time ultrasound with MRI.


Artemis semi-automatically computes gland volume and boundaries. This enhances tissue structure visualisation for improved planning and guidance.


Artemis provides several imaging enhancements to standard 2D ultrasound:

  • Greatly increases the ability to examine the prostate for abnormalities or suspicious areas which may need sampling

  • Advanced needle navigation and tracking

  • Sophisticated recording of actual biopsy sites sampled; sites can be revisited at any time

  • View and overlay previous prostate gland volumes and biopsy locations

urologist, prostate biopsy, prostate cancer, prostate cancer surgery
urologist, prostate biopsy, prostate cancer, prostate cancer surgery
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