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Kidney Stones Ureteroscopy / Laser / Stent Insertion

Dr Elmes is subspecialised in kidney stone surgery, having trained at length with Dr Raymond Ko a world leader in minimally invasive 'no-cut' treatment for even the most complex stones.


Kidney stones are very common, some can be treated in a single procedure but most require 2 or 3 stages. In most cases the procedure is performed because you have a stone trapped in your kidney or in the “ureter” (the drain pipe that connects the kidney to the bladder).


Most need a stent inserted to alleviate pain/infection/kidney failure as an emergency. Stents are also commonly placed to allow healing and to prevent swelling of the ureter. The size of a stent is 30cm and the string is also 30cm, totalling 60cm is length.


The second stage involves a small telescope and laser passed via your bladder up to the kidney to laser/vaporize your stone.  The stent is usually replaced at this time.


The stent is then removed usually a few days later by Dr Elmes in theatre.


kidney stones, ureteroscopy, robotic prostatectomy, urologist, prostate cancer, prostate surgery

Dr Elmes utilises the Cyber Ho Laser that offers a complete solution for stone treatment.  A unique feature of this laser is the STONE VAPOR TUNNEL capability. This laser allows stone ablation while holding the target close and in place to continue lasering the stone. This results in easier treatment and and due to less stone retropulsion it prevents time consuming fiber repositioning.

kidney stones, urologist, ureteroscopy, prostate surgeon
kidney stones, ureteroscopy, prostate surgeon
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