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Kidney Cancer


Have you passed blood in your urine?

Don't ignore it!

There are very few symptoms or signs of early kidney cancer, most are picked up incidentally when patients have abdominal ultrasounds or CAT scans for other ailments.


Kidney cancer surgery and treatment has come a long way over recent years and Gold Coast Urologist Dr Elmes now removes almost all kidney cancers with laparoscopic or 'key-hole' surgery. He uses the latest Robotic techniques to ensure superior outcomes and fast recovery times. 


Some smaller kidney cancers can be cut out whilst leaving behind much of the remaining healthy part of the affected kidney, known as a Partial Nephrectomy.

Dr Elmes was one of the first Urologist on the Gold Coast to perform this procedure Robotically and continues to treat many patients across the Gold Coast.


Please contact (07) 5575 7922 for an appointment


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