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Commonly Asked Questions

1. What is your specialty in Urology and what do you see most patients about?

I see many men regarding a range of Urological concerns:

2. I am experiencing increased urgency to urinate throughout the day and night. I am rushing to the bathroom to urinate. Why is this happening? Is this normal?


Men who experience urinary waterworks problems are usually suffering ftom BPH – Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, a non-cancerous disease that tends to strike ageing men whereby an enlarged prostate can cause difficulty in passing urine and over time can lead to the complete inability to pass urine, urinary infections, damage to the kidneys or bladder and eventually potential surgery.


50 % per cent of men aged in their 50s will experience enlargement of their prostate increasing to 80 per cent of men aged in their 80s. As a result I am frequently visited by men seeking out treatment options to resolve their BPH concerns. I offer the latest advances in enlarged prostate treatment in including the Laser HoLEP, Rezum steam treatment and UroLift.


Below are some waterworks warning sign to look out for:

  • Urinary tract infection (UTI)

  • Blood in urine

  • Night time urination > 1 x / night

  • Frequency more than once every 3 hours

  • Urgency

  • Incomplete emptying


These are all suggestive of bladder damage and therapy failure. Be sure to contact our rooms on 07 5575 7922 if you experience these symptoms for specialised advanced prostate treatment

3. I have been advised I have an elevate PSA. What does this mean and what are the next steps?

PSA (Prostate specific antigen) is a simple blood test which indicates how "active" a prostate is and your risk of having prostate cancer. I assess each patient individually in addition as to whether patients have a positive family history of prostate/breast cancer or abnormal rectal examination, which determined if further investigations are required.


There may indeed be other contributors affecting a rise in PSA. Enlargement of the prostate and an infection can impact readings therefore it is recommended seeing a specialist for investigations to ensue appropriate action is taken on an individual basis.


If your prostate cancer risk is medium-high them most men will need

  • An MRI and/or PET PSMA

  • A Computer Targeted Biopsy of any concerning areas of your prostate as highlighted by your MRI/PET scan.

I recommend reading more here about further Prostate Cancer treatment here -

4. Do I need a GP referral to see Dr Elmes?

Yes, we do recommend obtaining a General Practitioner referral for your appointment with Dr Elmes.

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