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These are often warning signs of chronic bladder damage

Gold Coast Urologist Dr Martin Elmes, is a leading specialist offering all forms of advanced BPH treatment for bladder outlet prostate surgery, including:

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Specialist prostate treatment and care
 Offering all Advanced Minimally Invasive Prostate Surgeries for Patients


Are you suffering from waterworks difficulties?

Are you worried about the side effects associated with older style procedures for your prostate treatment?

Learn more about the latest and most precise operative techniques in Robotic Prostate and Kidney surgery, enlarged prostate surgery including Water Vapour TherapyUroLift & HoLEP which are aimed to reduce side effects whilst maximising patient benefits.

Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HoLEP)

The platinum standard of treatment for an enlarged and obstructing prostate. THE CYBER HO 100 laser device brings outstanding innovation for the treatment of BPH, with high effectiveness, safety and durability.


Watch Dr Elmes perform the HoLEP procedure

Water Vapour Therapy uses the stored thermal energy in water vapour (steam) to treat the extra prostate tissue that is causing BPH symptoms.



Holmium Laser Bladder neck & UroLift procedure 

Holmium Laser Enucleation is the state of the art, platinum standard of treatment for an enlarged and obstructing prostate. It is minimally invasive and follows the exact anatomical planes within a prostate.

Watch Dr Elmes perform the UroLift & HoLEP procedure on a patient suffering from significant waterworks issues for a number of years. An effective and accurate prostate surgery technique.

UroLift - Dr Elmes has performed over 100 UroLift cases

Now, there is a minimally invasive option for patients looking for an alternative to drugs or traditional BPH surgery. No cutting, heating or removal of prostate tissue required.



Dr Elmes offers superior screening and treatment for prostate cancer

Dr Elmes has been instrumental in advancing the accuracy of detecting prostate cancer by pioneering the utilisation of the Artemis computer targeted biopsy machine.


Click here to learn more about Prostate cancer detection and screening.

Robotic Prostatectomy & Nephrectomy Surgery with superior results

Dr Elmes utilises the newest and most advanced surgical options for the treatment of patients with localised prostate cancer or kidney cancer. Dr Elmes is highly trained in Prostate & Kidney Robotics Surgery performing this superior procedure with excellent patient outcomes​. Find out more about the Robotic Prostatectomy & Kidney cancer procedure here and be sure to watch real life patient stories of their prostate cancer Prostatectomy journey with Dr Elmes here

Sub-specialised in Kidney stone surgery, Dr Elmes offers an effective and complete solution for your stone treatment with the Cyber Ho 100 Laser. The stone vapour tunnel technique allows stone ablation resulting in fast and effective treatment. Read more here

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Dr Elmes offers Post Prostatectomy Rehabilitation Penile Prosthesis Surgery.

Highly trained and experienced, Dr Elmes is able to provide you with lasting permanent results following your Prostatectomy procedure. The benefits of treating your erectile dysfunction with us will see you regain your confidence back in the bedroom and relieve the anxiety and stress you may have been feeling.