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Advantages of Robotic Surgery for treatment of Prostate and Kidney Cancer

Updated: May 14, 2020

Dr Elmes strives to offer patients with the most advanced treatment options for more effective outcomes in surgery. With the advancements in modern robotics Dr Elmes utilises these minimally invasive technologies to ensure patients experience the associated advantages for removal of the prostate with the da Vinci system including;

· Shorter hospital stay

· Less pain and pain medication

· Decreased risk of infection

· Minimal loss of blood

· Smaller incisions and less scarring

· Faster and easier recovery

· Reduced risk for urinary incontinence and impotence

· Increased potential for kidney preservation in certain cancer operations

· Improved erectile nerve

With the adoption of the da Vinci Robot in the late 1990s it is providing Urologist with improvements in “magnification, three dimensional viewing, and maneuverability that enables surgeons to complete certain surgical operations that once were thought to be relegated to open surgeons (Navaratnam et al. 2018).

The da Vinci system enables Dr Elmes to operate the robotic instruments in a full range of motions, transforming hand movements into corresponding movements of the surgical instruments within the patient. The surgical cart utilises one robotic arm to control the endoscopic camera which provides 3D vision, and three robotic arms to control surgical instruments. It is located next to the patient and allows the ability to rotate the instruments with unrivalled precision and control, using only a few small incisions. The robot only requires incisions of less than 1cm with one slightly larger to allow removal of the prostate, compared with an incision of up to 25cm for a traditional radical prostatectomy. “90% of radical prostatectomies in the US continue to be done robotically” proving it efficiency and preferred option for treatment.

In the removal of Kidney Cancer (Nephrectomy) the da Vinci robot has seen the benefits of robotics magnification and precision allow Dr Elmes to precisely remove only a cancerous lump whilst sparing the remaining healthy part of the kidney, in addition with the following benefits;

· Precise tumor removal and kidney reconstruction

· Excellent chance of preserving the kidney, where indicated

· Low rate of operative complications

· Short hospital stay

· Less blood loss

Patients are provided detailed operative information from Dr Elmes. You can also find more information here

Ref: Navaratnam A, Abdul-Muhsin H & Humphreys M, Updates in Urologic Robot Assisted Surgery, F1000 Research, 2018, vol. 7, pp1-11


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