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Patient and Partner Satisfaction after Penile Implant Surgery

Jorissen C, Bruyn H, Baten E & Renterghem KV, (2019), ‘Clinical Outcome: Patient and Partner Satisfaction after Penile Implant Surgery’, Current Urology, Vol. 13, pp94-100.

The implantation of a 3-piece Inflatable Penile Prosthesis (IPP) has over the years been proven to be an effective third-line treatment for patients suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It is a safe procedure that offers a permanent solution for ED with positive satisfaction outcomes post operatively and improves quality of life as a result of the procedure.

50% of males aged 50-70 years are affected by Erectile Dysfunction and suffer both physically and psychologically from this common disorder. It not only impacts their personal life but can take a significant toll on their relationship. When first and second line stages of treatment, including lozenges and injection therapy are ineffective or the patient suffers from pre-existing comorbidities, placement of an IPP is a suitable option. The first inflatable device was introduced back in 1973 and since this time great improvements have been seen with long-term mechanical reliability and reduced infection.

A recent study of 126 patients with a mean age of 58 at the time of surgery, suffered with ED for a mean of 5-6 years and received previous treatments such as lozenges, vacuum erection devices and injections had the following findings:

- 84.2% of men one year post their insertion of their prosthesis were satisfied and would recommend the implant to a friend

- The average Quality of Life (QOL) before surgery was 2 on a scale of 0 to 5 while the average QOL after surgery was 3.5

- Patient satisfaction is affected by various parameters like patient expectations, patient comorbidities, partner attitudes, surgical complications and premature device failures.

- 85.5% partners were happy with the prosthesis

- More than 50% of patients had their first sexual intercourse within 4 weeks after activation and 37.89% had intercourse within 2 weeks.

- There is minimal or no effect on the patient’s orgasm after implantation of prosthesis

Regarding complications of the procedure infection is noted as an infrequent but severe complication that occurs mostly post operatively. Dr Elmes utilises the “no-touch” technique that lowers the chance of infection. Essentially preventing direct contact with the source of bacteria is the most effective way of eliminating infections. Dr Elmes is able to insert the prosthesis without touching the patient’s skins therefore reducing the chance of post op infection.


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