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Penile Implant to cure Erectile Dysfunction – the “no touch” technique

For men who are resistant to oral medication and injection therapy for treatment of their erectile dysfunction the option of a penile prosthesis is available. This involves a medical procedure under anaesthetic in a hospital where the placement of a device is carefully inserted in the patient.

Patient satisfaction rates indicate 93.8% of men were moderately or completely satisfied with their penile prosthesis. It is a discreet treatment for Erectile Dysfunction with it being unnoticeable when your penis is flaccid. There is also minimal recovery time.

How does the device work? Patients are provided detailed information prior to undergoing the procedure and whether they are a suitable candidate. We use state of the art prostheses which produce a more natural erection, maximized girth and rigidity, confident operation, easy one handed deflation and minimal recovery times.

The device we use is designed to emulate the look and performance of a natural erection, it is entirely concealed within the body and is not visible to the naked eye. We implant the three components which consist of:

- The reservoir – located in the abdomen and holds sterile saline solution

- The Cylinders – placed next to each other in two chambers of the penis called the corpora cavernosa

- The small pump – placed inside your scrotum

See image below:

The benefit of this procedure in comparison to oral and injection therapy is the results are instant where you simply pump the device, which results in an erection. In addition, there are no ongoing fees as you would experience with other forms of treatment. Although the initial fee for the penile prosthesis is higher, you will not have continuous excessive costs but rather a result long term.

Our patients are also provided details on post-operative care to ensure they recover with 100% satisfaction and are confident with using the device.

An important feature of the penile implant we use is the “no touch” technique that lowers the chance of infection rates. With any procedure involving the insertion of a foreign object into the body, it is crucial care is taken pre-operatively, during the procedure and post operatively so the patient does not develop infection-causing removal of the device. With the use of “no touch” technique we offer a safer procedure for men. Essentially preventing direct contact with the source of bacteria is the most effective way of eliminating infections. As a result, the no touch technique was invented and pioneered by Dr. Eid in 2005. “This technique allows the surgeon to completely insert a penile prosthesis in a patient without touching the skin to reduce the incidence of peri-prosthetic infection. The penile implant technique was developed on the belief that eliminating any contact between the penile prosthesis and the skin, either directly or indirectly via surgical instruments or gloves, should reduce the incidence of contamination of the penile device with skin flora responsible for the infection” (Dr Eid).


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