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Powerful laser technology improving Lithotripsy treatment for patients

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

The new Cyber Ho 100 Laser device is seeing great results for Lithotripsy treatment in our patients. A new retrospective comparative study released by Makayten et al. (2019) highlights the key features of a higher power 120W laser machine in comparison to a 20W machine and the influence of stone density on laser dusting time.

With the high-energy capabilities of a 120W machine it results in “more efficient laser dusting time and attributed to substantially reduced stone retropulsion along with excellent safety profile” Makayten et al. (2019).

The results among 631 eligible patients with 462 treated with the 20W standard laser and 169 patients with a 120w laser machine concluded “overall laser time was less than half with the p120W vs d20W”.

Makayten et al (2019) also found that “the association between laser dusting time per stone volume and stone density demonstrated relatively constant laser time when using p120W laser, even for hard stones. When the standard 20 W laser was used, laser time was longer in each stone density”.

The article continues to highlight more advantages with “the p120W laser has the ability to produce significantly more frequent pulses, with higher energy transmissions… procedure time was shorter in the p120w group (31.84 minutes vs 21.13 minutes)”.

These findings show that new innovative lasers are improving the way in which surgeons can improve their operative times and also allow for a fast and effective treatment of Lithotripsy to patients.

Reference: Mekayten M, Lorber MD, Katafigiotis I, Sfoungaristos S, Leotskos I, Heifetz, EM, Yutkin V, Gofrit ON & Duvdevani, M, 2019, 'Will Stone Density Stop Being a Key Factor in Endourology? The Impact of Stone Density on Laser Time Using Lumenis Laser p120w and Standard 20 W Laser: A comparative Study', Journal of Endourology, Vol 33, Number 7


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