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The sensitive subject men hide from - Erectile Dysfunction

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

How prevalent is Erectile Dysfunction in Australian men?

  • 108,477 men aged 45 years or older, the overall prevalence of erectile dysfunction was 61% (25% with mild erectile dysfunction; 19% with moderate erectile dysfunction; 17% with complete erectile dysfunction).

  • More than 20% of healthy men aged 60–65 years with no risk factors had moderate or complete erectile dysfunction.

Risk factors include:

  • Advanced age

  • Atherosclerosis

  • Neurological conditions

  • Pelvic surgery

  • Obesity and metabolic syndrome

  • Peyronie’s disease

  • Psychological and psychiatric conditions

  • Medications and substance abuse

Encouraging the conversation about ED is the first step to regaining confidence. Many men are reluctant to bring the conversation up - In a telephone survey of 5990 Australian men aged 40 years or older, only 30% of men with moderate-to-severe erectile dysfunction discussed their problem with a health professional.

Dr Elmes understands men and the impact impotence of erectile dysfunction is having on relationships and everyday life. Many men are not provided with all the options and best solutions to treat the problem, but Dr Elmes has conducted extensive research in finding the best and safest treatments available to ensure men are provided all options to treat their erectile dysfunction. There are various factors which determine the best treatment option for you such as gaining insights into current relationship, libido, erectile performance and gaining insight into the risk factors, for example medical history, comorbid conditions, anxiety, depression and lower urinary tract symptoms.

What are the treatment options Dr Elmes can offer me?


RAPID is an oral administration lozenge containing a combination of sildenafil and phentolamine for a more effective treatment of mild ED. This non-invasive option is commonly used for first stage of treatment. The lozenge simply dissolves under a patients tongue and the medication becomes active 5-10 minutes later. RAPID is recommended as first stage use to treat ED.


This is an effective therapy for men with erectile dysfunction who cannot take oral agents or for whom oral agents are not effective. The medication we offer for injection is designed to ensure a strong and lasting effect. Varying degrees of strength are available and tailored to each specific patient. Either needle injectable or a more comfortable option of hidden needle is available through EDSAustralia.


For men who have erectile dysfunction resistant to oral medications and injection therapy, Penile Prosthesis allows a permanent solution to this debilitating and often psychologically distressing condition. In addition, some men who want to maintain spontaneity can go straight to a prosthesis after lozenge failure. Studies indicate 93.8% of men were moderately or completely satisfied with their penile prosthesis choice. EDSA implants both major types of penile prosthesis, AMS & Coloplast. The choice of implant is primarily dependant on each patient’s anatomy.

Ref: Shoshany, O, Katz DJ & Love C. Much more than just prescribing a pill – Assessment and treatment of erectile dysfunction by the general practitioner, AFP Vol. 46, No.9 2017, 634-639.


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